The 3 B’s to Tap into Your Creativity

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  • February 16, 2017
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To tap into your creativity there are deliberate actions we can take. 

Terms like “writer’s block” exist in pop culture for specific reasons. Because even the most creative of minds run into walls. 

So what exactly can we do as artists when we hit a block?

I was recently listening to a podcast where Tim Ferriss was interviewing Adam Robinson.  During the podcast, Adam mentioned Josh Waitzkin’s 3 B’s to creativity.

The truth and the simplicity of this advice struck me instantly.


The unconscious mind is connected to our creativity. Creativity flows to us not from deliberate, rational thinking but is born rather from the unconscious magic within us.

To access our unconscious mind, we have to provide it with adequate rest. According to the Mayo Clinic, to be fully rested an adult requires between 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

You don’t have to get a full night’s sleep to tap into our creativity, but it certainly will support the case. Rather taking a nap that accesses our REM sleep is enough to get our creative juices flowing.

Next time you’re in a bind to create start with a nap.


The mind needs a few things in order to tap into your creativity: space, to be relaxed and an undistracted environment.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to take a bath. Nothing creates space, relaxation and a lack of distraction than you floating in peace with your thoughts.

The recent explosions of float houses and sensory deprivation centres would also support this argument further.

tap into your creativity, bath, space, relax

In a world that is getting busier and noisier, the need to create physical space for ourselves is only becoming more apparent.

Even if we travel back in history, we can see that many of the most brilliant and creative minds would consistently take space to tap into their creative self.

Beethoven would spend 2 hours a day taking a vigorous walk, always carrying a piece of paper and a couple sheets of music paper in his pocket.

Darwin was known for taking three walks a day. And Freud, Dickens and Kant are also amongst the list of brilliant minds who scheduled strolls into their everyday.

Whether you take a bath or go for a deep meditative walk, the objective is the same, to create space for the mind to be relaxed and undistracted.


The last and final tip to tap into your creativity is to get on a bus. Now, this doesn’t mean to physically board a bus but rather it’s a metaphor to travel and move around.

tap into your creativity, bus, travel

Over the last month, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my podcast, what I want to be creating and what I stand for.

Those who follow me closely will have noticed that I’ve been doing a lot less creating and a lot more exploring.

Over the last month, I’ve visited the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Bata Shoe Museum. I’ve become a tourist in my own city.

I’ve been doing this deliberately for the primary reason of taking more space to listen to my unconscious mind. To figure out exactly what it is that I want to start creating.

It’s no wonder, that my first post back is about creativity and tapping into your unconscious mind.

Though I believe in all the 3 B’s, the one that has the greatest impact for me is bus. To tap into our own unique voice and viewpoint of the world, we need to separate ourselves from the noise. From all the day to day influences we encounter.

It’s only in these moments of silence and lack of distractions can we find our creative genius. To understand what it is that we stand for.

So the next time you’re stuck and want to tap into your creativity, remember the 3 B’s – bed, bath and bus.

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