3 Truths to Pursuing a Career of Passion over Money

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  • January 18, 2016

Remember that time when you said to yourself, “When I get this, I’m going to be so happy,” and then you got it, but you still weren’t happy.

Yeah, that happens to us. More than we’d like to admit. But that’s reality.

It’s a little sad isn’t it?

So what’s the answer? If getting shit is not the answer to our happiness what is?

The answer is we have to go after the things that leave us deeply emotional fulfilled.

We have to go after the things we give a f*cking shit about. We have to go after the things that light us up, the things that make us happy and make us tingle on the inside.

If we don’t go after that, we’re rejecting our true purpose, our true self. It’s like waving a cookie in front of our face but not allowing ourselves to eat it. We know we want it but we’re not letting ourselves have it.

This is so detrimental and harmful to us as human beings.

So here’s the kicker. When we pursue money over our passions, we comprise our well being. And we do this in the workplace all the time.

We say “fuck you” to our dreams. We say, “That will never work. I don’t care that you want to start painting, or that you want to switch your career, or that you want to move completely off the grid and run far far away. You have to stay here and find a way to make yourself happy because that’s what people do.”

And so you try to make yourself happy. You keep telling yourself that everyone else is happy so why can’t you?

You look on Facebook and Instagram and your suspicions are confirmed-every other human being in the world is happy except for you. And then you wonder what’s wrong with you.

The simple answer is nothing; everyone else is as miserable and as frustrated as you are.

When I was in high school, one of my best friends started a non-profit called Skate4Cancer with barely a high school education. To date, he’s done 4 skateboarding marathons – 3 cross country country wide and one from Los Angeles to Toronto.

He’s hosted shows with musicians like Dallas Green, Alexisonfire, Lights. Hosted his own cross-country music tours, had a clothing line that was distributed across Canada and all from following his passion.

The fact of the matter is that we need to pursue the things that light us up, the things that give us energy.

When we pursue money for the sake of living, it eventually drives us to misery. Instead, focus on the things that bring you happiness. This will mean giving up some things along the way but here is the short list of the path ahead:

Be Willing Sacrifice the Amount of Money you Make

Above I explained that money is not the route to happiness. Based on that assumption, if you’re going to pursue what you love and what makes you happy, you have to be willing to sacrifice the amount of money you make.

There are costs to living in modern day life, but let’s be honest, we can get by quite easily with a modest income. If we’re not chasing the latest name brands and cars then we truly don’t need that much.

I do want to clarify one thing before I go any further, PURSUING YOUR PASSION DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE POOR. Their millions of people who do what they are passionate about and make millions of dollars every single year.

However, when you start pursuing your passion, you may have to be willing to take a pay cut.

This may mean you start off still working a full-time job while you work towards your passion. Or it may mean picking up a part-time job like serving or bartending to make some extra bucks to make ends meet. This is not the end of the world. It’s only temporary.

Ensure you have enough money to get by but allow yourself to have the time to pursue your passion.

Be Willing to Start at Ground Zero

If you start pursuing what you’re passionate about you have to be willing to start from scratch. You have to be willing to put in the grunt work.

When we start pursuing our passion we will most likely have only modest experience in that field. There will obviously be something inside you that makes you believe you’re qualified or able to do that job, or else you wouldn’t be making such a big change.

When we change our trajectory, inside we know that we’re capable of succeeding and executing on our new endeavour, but others may not see that right away; especially when they look at your experience and track record.

When you start this new chapter be willing to start over and put in the time and effort to get to your destination. If you’re truly passionate about it, you should be able to stick the course, as it will bring you happiness and

If you’re truly passionate about it, you should be able to stick the course, as it will bring you happiness and fulfill you in ways that money doesn’t.

If your new endeavour is not satisfying this itch, you may have stumbled onto the wrong path. There is no shame in this, simply pick a new path and try again. Learning from your mistakes and faults is all part of finding the path that will ultimately bring you the greatest happiness.

Follow Your Intuition

Pursuing your passion means you will need to follow your internal compass.

Passion is an energy that we feel. In order to pursue our passion, we must allow ourselves to feel it. Using your intuition and trusting your gut is the best way to follow this path.

Your intuition is not going to be a flawless compass but it will help you to navigate the path ahead.

By checking in with your feelings regularly you will quickly get a sense for what you like and what you dislike. Follow the path you like and soon enough you’ll be in a better place.

Though simplistic, it is fundamentally true. If each day you follow the path that brings you the most happiness, how will you be unhappy?

The only way is if you buy into the messages along the way telling you what you should own or what you should be doing at “your age”. That’s all nonsense and gibberish. It’s your life. Live it your way.

It doesn’t matter if all your friends are getting married, having kids and buying houses. You can lead a different path. Pursuing what you love may mean putting a family and buying a house on hold for a couple years. This is part of the sacrifices you must be willing to make.

If you already have a family, it doesn’t mean you can’t pursue what you love. Find the time when the kids are asleep or in school to pursue what you love.

The key to pursing your passion over money is knowing that you will have to make sacrifices on the journey. Be willing to bravely face the road ahead embracing that you may encounter setbacks in order to move ahead.

Our happiness lies in pursing the things that bring us emotional fulfillment. Follow your intuition and soon enough you will be at the place you desire 😉

Happy Adventuring,