4 Ways to Deal with Your Negative Emotions

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  • May 4, 2016
Negitive Emotions

Sometimes for no apparent reason our emotions let us down; when they do, a large burst of negativity washes over us which can leave us feeling practically paralyzed. In states like this we feel helpless and even the smallest task can seem like a great burden.

Our internal self talk turns negative and we focus on the negative moments and failures we’ve had in our lives. We start to convince ourselves that nothing we do ever goes right and that we’ll always feel this way, so what’s the point.

But is that really the truth? If you put aside all the negativity, can you find moments of success; moments where you’ve triumphed and conquered?

No one has a perfect score card. We all have days where our emotions fluctuate from happy to sad. But for those down days, there are things we can do for ourselves.

Be Kind to Yourself

Learning to be kind to yourself and knowing when to cut yourself some slack is essential to having a positive relationship with yourself.

In kindergarten we’re taught how to share and be kind to others. “Sharing is caring” is engrained into us. Yet somewhere along the way, no one ever taught us to be kind and care for ourselves.

The explosion of yoga in North American culture over the last 10 years is no surprise.  As the pace of life has increased our time for self-care has drastically decreased. Yoga encourages the practice of self compassion; a skill set that is rarely taught or prioritized in modern society.

Being kind to yourself is recognizing when you need a pat on the back, a break from the rat race or a moment to take a deep breath and relax.

Learning the practice of setting time aside for yourself to foster a positive relationship with yourself is essential to keeping your emotional well-being intact. This stems from taking the time to do the things that make you happy and allow you to find a centered place in life. This may include playing a sport, reading, taking a long bubble bath or whatever your relaxation practice  is.

We all have practices that can bring us back into alignment with ourselves. Nurture these things when your emotions start to spiral out of control.

Have Patience

We’re predisposed to want things quickly. Working through our emotions may take some time.

Figuring out what is triggering our emotions and learning to feel the emotions we’re suppressing is not an easy journey. It requires looking back at pain points in our past, potentially even moments from our childhood that we may not necessarily want to experience again.

Brushing away these memories is not serving you. They are the same memories that are bringing you emotional distress.

When we acknowledge our past pains, we are saying to ourselves “enough.” I’ve suffered and felt these emotions for too long.

Standing up for yourself is critical in the journey against your pain. As long as you let your emotions dictate you they will continue to have control over your life.

If your past emotional wounds can’t be healed on your own, turn to a friend, find a coach or seek out professional help to overcome your pain. Recognize that this journey can be long and slow, but it is worth every step.

Let it Out

Sometimes your emotions will shift to anger, frustration or rage. This is natural as our emotions need to have an outward expression.

Boiling them up inside is one of the worst practices we can develop. Instead focus on ways to positively channel that energy. Journal, blog, meditate, do yoga, go to the gym, or blast some music and dance around. Find something that speaks to you and will allow you to release your energy.

Simply going through each day, putting on a face in public that “everything is okay” when your insides are tearing you up is not helping you.  Drinking, smoking weed or other forms of escapism are not solutions either. These methods only drain out our emotions rather than force us to engage and deal with them.

Find a way to express those feelings. Turn to someone you trust and authentically open up to them. Find someone that will listen while you express your anger, frustrations, anxieties and depression. Someone who will listen to every ounce of pain you have.

Don’t feel like a burden or obligation when you do this. Humans have an incredible capacity for empathy and it’s in our nature to listen and help. When we turn to others we help them realize that we’re not alone in our pain and suffering. We all travel through life with these feelings together.

Face your challenging emotions. Do the work. That is where you will get the breakthrough you want.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Emotions take a toll on our nervous system. Rebooting ourselves with a proper night’s sleep goes a long way to getting us back on course.

When we wake up feeling rejuvenated and excited, we are ready to tackle life. The amount of sleep you need totally depends on your individual needs.

Adults between the ages of 18-64 are generally encouraged to sleep between 7-9 hours a night with 8 hours being the golden standard. Again, know your body and do what works best for you.

Having negative emotions is a part of life. Learning how to handle these emotions is an essential component to having a healthy relationship with yourself.

I’m currently offering a special rate to my clients as I’m ramping up my coaching services. If you’re interested in dealing with some negative emotions that you’re experiencing, send me a message and we can see if it would be a good fit.

Here to see you prosper and thrive,