5 Ways to Silence your Inner Critic

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  • January 13, 2016

Most of the time, when we look into the mirror, we are the hardest on ourselves.

We carry with us all of our past experiences, our triumphs but also all of our failures. These are the moments that have shaped us; these are the moments that have made us the human beings we are.

Not all of the moments that have shaped us are beneficial to our existence. Some of them can be quite detrimental, leaving us scared and wounded. These moments can be more difficult to put behind us.

We carry these experiences with us even though they do not serve us well. These past experiences can haunt us and ruin the best of days.

There are things we can do to minimize the damage caused by these thoughts when they enter our mind.

  1. Combat Negativity with Self Awareness

Whenever we start to circulate the negative moments from our past we are only bringing back unwanted memories. The moment you recognize that you’re reliving negativity that is not serving you, put an end to it.

Think of your thoughts like a highway, once your thoughts start travelling in one direction, they tend to head that way and fast. The key is to interrupt negative thoughts before they spiral out of control. This requires self-awareness and discipline.

The best way to do this is to refocus your energy elsewhere. Using catalysts to switch your state of mind is a helpful trick. Put on music, a YouTube clip or a podcast to take your mind off of your current thought process.

  1. Only Compete Against Yourself

Stop beating yourself up and measuring yourself against others.

In this world you’re always going to find someone who is more talented, better looking, works harder or is smarter than you. That doesn’t mean anything about you. You’re an incredible human being, with immense potential. Never forget that.

When we start comparing ourselves against other people we typically focus on our shortcomings. We’re focusing on what we lack rather than what we have. we lack or don’t have.

This kind of thinking will not serve you.

If you want to compare yourself against anyone, start only by comparing yourself against you. Compare yourself to yesterday, compare yourself to this week or last year. Use these moments to create how you want feel about yourself in the future.

The past is gone. The only thing we can impact is the present and the future. Focus on the things that you can change and channel your energy in that direction.

  1. Take Breaks

One of the best ways to break up negative thinking is to take a physical break. Changing your current environment and forcing yourself to reset is recipe to combat negativity.

Getting out for a walk and enjoying some fresh air, can work wonders for the mind. The mind and body have limits. We all need breaks. Breaks are a healthy way to give yourself the rest you need.

If taking a walk is not an option for you, go out into the hallway, get into another room, move to another part of the job site, go to the restroom, do anything you can to break up your current environment. The key is to give your mind the opportunity to break away from its current surroundings and start a new chain of thoughts.

Do not go on your phone. Getting on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever other poison you desire will not help you. When we use these applications our minds default into habitual patterns which will not serve you in refocusing your negativity.

When negativity strikes we need to use our self-awareness and ability to be present to derail the negativity from going any further.

  1. Praise Yourself

The key to silencing any critic is to love yourself. If you can’t deeply and emotionally accept yourself for who you are, it’s going to be very difficult to silence any critic.

Having a deep, loving and nurturing relationship begins with you. It begins with you taking care of yourself, physically and emotionally.

If you feed your body shit food and shit thoughts all day, you’re going to have issues with your negativity. The way we treat ourselves has a direct impact on our psychology.

When you start heading down a negative thought spiral, give yourself something to counteract it. You can feed yourself healthy food, focus on a beautiful trip you went on with friends or put on a song you really love.

When we start becoming negative we need to start feeding ourselves; feeding ourselves with positivity and love. Only we can do that for ourselves.

  1. Start with a Positive Morning

Mornings shape our days. If we have a shit morning so many times the rest of our day follows suit. If we have a great morning, so many times the rest of our days follows suit 😉

Our mornings are good indicators of whether or not we will have a good day. If you rush and scramble in the morning, you’ll probably be anxious and rushed all day at work. If you make time for yourself and give yourself a pleasant morning, you are more likely to have a good day.

Start by making your morning about you. Give your body and mind what it desires.

If you’re craving a hearty breakfast, stretching out, doing a workout or some morning reading, feed your body exactly what it desires.

Our minds and bodies are incredibility good at telling us what we need. You need to start getting better at listening to your body.

Starting your morning off right can be the difference between a great day and a shit day. When we take care of ourselves it puts us in the correct state of mind to have a better day.

Being aware of our current thought process and knowing that we can influence our thoughts can be enough to save us from travelling down a slippery slope.

Dedicated to seeing you flourish,