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Bisexual men

How I Overcame My Struggles with Being a Bisexual Man

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A few months ago I came out publicly about being bisexual during a podcast. The podcast caught many of my closest friends by surprise… yet it was something that was a part of who I was since childhood.

I was around 24 when I first experimented with a man. I was so reluctant to engage in such actions.

I can remember how nervous I was to this day. I thought for sure if I fooled around with a man it would mean I was gay, and that scared the shit out of me. Read More

Asante Haughton

EP 27 – Asante Haughton – Overcoming Adversity

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Who is Asante Haughton?

Asante is a human rights and mental health advocate. He works for Pathways to Education and supports high-risk youth through high school to reach post-secondary education.

Asante had a challenging upbringing, battling with anxiety, depression, and addiction. Today he uses these experiences to guide kids through their own challenges and supports them in staying away from the streets.

He is a motivational speaker and has been on panels for mental health. He recently came back from Chile where he spoke about his life. Read More

Angie Sanchez

EP 021 – Angie Sanchez – Be the Leader of Your Own Life

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Who is Angie Sanchez?

Angie is a truth junkie, movement enthusiast and certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

She runs a program called True You which helps her clients feed their bodies with ‘primary food’ to fuel their success.

Angie’s primary foods may not be what you would expect at first. Her focus with her clients is feeding them the appropriate emotional foods through relationships, physical activity, career and spirituality to live the lifestyle they desire. Read More

Alexi Panos

EP 018 – Alexi Panos – I’mperfect

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 Who is Alexi Panos?

Alexi Panos is an inspirational vlogger, speaker and co-founder of The Bridge Method and The Bridge Experience.

She was named 1 of 11 Noteworthy Millennials by the Huffington Post and recently published her first book 50 Ways to Yay which can be found in bookstores across North America.

She is the co-founder of a nonprofit organization called E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change), which provides clean water to people in the developing world. Read More

Negitive Emotions

4 Ways to Deal with Your Negative Emotions

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Sometimes for no apparent reason our emotions let us down; when they do, a large burst of negativity washes over us which can leave us feeling practically paralyzed. In states like this we feel helpless and even the smallest task can seem like a great burden.

Our internal self talk turns negative and we focus on the negative moments and failures we’ve had in our lives. We start to convince ourselves that nothing we do ever goes right and that we’ll always feel this way, so what’s the point.

But is that really the truth? If you put aside all the negativity, can you find moments of success; moments where you’ve triumphed and conquered? Read More