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Jay Wong

E.46 – Why Emulating Your Heroes Won’t Bring You Success – Jay Wong

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I brought Jay onto the show because he’s amazing (I want to stop writing there and let you guys discover that for yourself but I’m not going to be a dick).

Jay has been immensely supportive on my journey. He is the executive producer and host of the Inner Changemaker Podcast.

In a little over 2 years, he’s turned his podcast into a $100,000 revenue generating machine. He recently sold his first business, Toronto Internet Marketers. Read More

David Brower

E.45 – How to Authentically Connect with People – David Brower

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My guest this time around is David Brower. David worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years outside of the USA. He worked with Disney and headed world movie premieres in Europe, and the Middle East for IMAX.

After 20 years in entertainment, David decided to switch career paths. Today he is the man behind the Alivefulness Movement and founder of Sensorial Experience Days.

I brought David onto the show to talk about how we can connect with people deeply and authentically from the heart. Read More

Filip Sierpinski, Calvin Simpson, Paul Lam

E.44 – How Three Guys Took a Shot at Their Dream & What Happened

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“The opposite of fear is love. Love of the challenge. Love of the work. The pure joyous passion to take a shot at our dream and see if we can pull it off.”

– Steven Pressfield

This episode is a little bit different. Instead of me interviewing a guest, we did a collaborative podcast.

What is a collaborative podcast? Well, let me tell you.
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Angie Sanchez

EP 021 – Angie Sanchez – Be the Leader of Your Own Life

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Who is Angie Sanchez?

Angie is a truth junkie, movement enthusiast and certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

She runs a program called True You which helps her clients feed their bodies with ‘primary food’ to fuel their success.

Angie’s primary foods may not be what you would expect at first. Her focus with her clients is feeding them the appropriate emotional foods through relationships, physical activity, career and spirituality to live the lifestyle they desire. Read More

Alexi Panos

EP 018 – Alexi Panos – I’mperfect

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 Who is Alexi Panos?

Alexi Panos is an inspirational vlogger, speaker and co-founder of The Bridge Method and The Bridge Experience.

She was named 1 of 11 Noteworthy Millennials by the Huffington Post and recently published her first book 50 Ways to Yay which can be found in bookstores across North America.

She is the co-founder of a nonprofit organization called E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change), which provides clean water to people in the developing world. Read More

Filip Sierpinski

EP 014 – Finding What You Love, Boundaries & Why Being Picky is Good with Jordan Gray

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Who is Jordan?

Jordan is a sex and relationship coach. Jordan has published several books on Amazon which have become Amazon best sellers.

Why did I bring Jordan onto the show?

I brought Jordan onto to the show due to his outlook on emotions, relationships and people. I knew that having Jordan on the show would lead to a rich conversation that would provide listeners with valuable insights about how to live a more purpose-filled life.

Jordan’s work has been featured on BBC, Entrepreneur and Business Insider. Jordan launched his consulting business 3 years ago and now does over 6 figures in revenue annually via his coaching and blog. He has millions of monthly visitors to his website and has illustrated the content he creates is having a positive impact on people’s lives. Read More


3 Truths to Pursuing a Career of Passion over Money

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Remember that time when you said to yourself, “When I get this, I’m going to be so happy,” and then you got it, but you still weren’t happy.

Yeah, that happens to us. More than we’d like to admit. But that’s reality.

It’s a little sad isn’t it?

So what’s the answer? If getting shit is not the answer to our happiness what is?

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5 Ways to Silence your Inner Critic

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Most of the time, when we look into the mirror, we are the hardest on ourselves.

We carry with us all of our past experiences, our triumphs but also all of our failures. These are the moments that have shaped us; these are the moments that have made us the human beings we are.

Not all of the moments that have shaped us are beneficial to our existence. Some of them can be quite detrimental, leaving us scared and wounded. These moments can be more difficult to put behind us. Read More