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Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s Strategy on Creating Good Content

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Whenever we create content, we can’t help but to face questions of doubt and insecurity. Is the content good enough? What should I write about? Is anyone going to read it? Will anyone look at it? These questions are inevitable regardless whether you’re just starting off or a seasoned veteran.

The term “writers block” exists because creating art isn’t easy. Creating art means revealing elements close to your heart and leaving yourself vulnerable to the outside world.

A little while back Seth Godin was a guest on the Tim Ferriss podcast. There were many good discussion points throughout the podcast, but there was one point where Seth started talking about creating content that I thought was worth extrapolating and expanding upon. Read More


The Two Voices in Your Head That Hold You Back

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We live in a world where opportunities present themselves on a daily basis. They appear at work, in our social lives, or inside our own minds. They continuously float around us.

If you ask someone if they like trying new things, they’ll probably tell you “yes”. Ask them the last time they tried something new… well that’s a different answer.

As much as we love trying new things and experimenting, humans are creates of habit. We like our predictable routines.

We choose to watch opportunities pass us by each day. And most of the time, the only thing holding us back is ourselves. Why is that? Read More

Dare to Be Great

Dare to be Great: 5 Mindsets That Lead to Greatness

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Greatness means different things to all of us.

Greatness for me is about leading a life of difference. It’s about knowing I made the biggest impact possible and gave it 100%. It’s about leading a life I will feel utterly and deeply satisfied with when I leave this earth.

Each day we have a choice, to choose to do the ordinary or pursue a life of greatness.

Being great isn’t easy, or else everyone would do it.
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3 Things to Help You Explore and Get More Out of Life

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Early on in life, everything is fresh and new. We engage our curiosity and we try everything in front of us. My 2 year old nephew reminds me of this every time that I see him.

As we get older, we become desensitized and lose some of that curiosity for life. This is normal and expected. As we get on with our careers and lives, we fall into patterns and routines.

Yet the magic of life is in growing, trying new things and exploring. This is what keeps the world fresh and our lives rich. Remembering certain inalienable truths can help you tap into that childhood wonder and start exploring again.

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