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JuVan Langford

E. 43 – JuVan Langford – Tell A Story That Serves You

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JuVan Langford is a men’s empowerment coach or as he describes himself “I do whatever it takes.”

JuVan runs the Elevation Effect, a program specialized for men that he does all over the world. He has 2 coaching programs, the Elevated Man Academy and Choose Higher, both designed to support men.

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Heal Your Emotions

How to Heal Emotional Pain Without Visiting a Therapist

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Emotional pain can arise from past relationships, losing a loved one, being confused with our sexuality, traumatic experiences, and other reasons.

Dealing with this pain is typically unpleasant, thus we resort to avoiding it.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Kelsey Grant, a self-love expert, for my podcast.

One of the most powerful ideas that came out of our conversations is that our pain is valuable. It can teach us but we’re normally unwilling to listen. Read More

Preston Smiles, Alexi Panos, Ruby Fremon

The 3 Biggest Lessons I Learned From My Podcast Guests in 2016

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For me 2016 was an interesting year, it was a year where I came forward with something that I never planned on sharing publically, I left my corporate job to pursue a passion project which is turning into a career, and I started living in deeper alignment with who I am.

Admitting that I was bisexual and that I’ve had sexual affairs with men for many years was something I never imagined doing. But the shame and depression leading a double life had on me became unbearable. Read More

Catie Fenn

EP 29 – How to Connect With Your Deepest Voice – In 5 Minutes

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“Your deepest self, your highest self, your intuitive voice – will never lead you in the wrong direction, it’s our mind that will. It’s learning how to silence that chatter mind that we should be going in this direction. It’s learning how to tap into our intuitive voice, that has the blueprint… its the map for our lives but we choose not to listen to it.”

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Catie Fenn

EP 28 – Catie Fenn – How to Connect With Your Deepest Self

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“The intuitive voice has the blueprint for our lives, but we choose not to listen to it.”

– Catie Fenn

How To Connect With Your Deepest Self

Learning which part of the mind is talking to you is key to understanding how to connect with your deepest self.

Understanding whether your personality mind is speaking, or your egoic mind, or your inner critic, or your inner perfectionist versus finding the voice of your higher self is integral to connecting with yourself. Read More

Bisexual men

How I Overcame My Struggles with Being a Bisexual Man

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A few months ago I came out publicly about being bisexual during a podcast. The podcast caught many of my closest friends by surprise… yet it was something that was a part of who I was since childhood.

I was around 24 when I first experimented with a man. I was so reluctant to engage in such actions.

I can remember how nervous I was to this day. I thought for sure if I fooled around with a man it would mean I was gay, and that scared the shit out of me. Read More