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Catie Fenn

EP 29 – How to Connect With Your Deepest Voice – In 5 Minutes

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“Your deepest self, your highest self, your intuitive voice – will never lead you in the wrong direction, it’s our mind that will. It’s learning how to silence that chatter mind that we should be going in this direction. It’s learning how to tap into our intuitive voice, that has the blueprint… its the map for our lives but we choose not to listen to it.”

– Catie Fenn Read More

Catie Fenn

EP 28 – Catie Fenn – How to Connect With Your Deepest Self

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“The intuitive voice has the blueprint for our lives, but we choose not to listen to it.”

– Catie Fenn

How To Connect With Your Deepest Self

Learning which part of the mind is talking to you is key to understanding how to connect with your deepest self.

Understanding whether your personality mind is speaking, or your egoic mind, or your inner critic, or your inner perfectionist versus finding the voice of your higher self is integral to connecting with yourself. Read More

Bisexual men

How I Overcame My Struggles with Being a Bisexual Man

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A few months ago I came out publicly about being bisexual during a podcast. The podcast caught many of my closest friends by surprise… yet it was something that was a part of who I was since childhood.

I was around 24 when I first experimented with a man. I was so reluctant to engage in such actions.

I can remember how nervous I was to this day. I thought for sure if I fooled around with a man it would mean I was gay, and that scared the shit out of me. Read More

Alexi Panos

EP 018 – Alexi Panos – I’mperfect

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 Who is Alexi Panos?

Alexi Panos is an inspirational vlogger, speaker and co-founder of The Bridge Method and The Bridge Experience.

She was named 1 of 11 Noteworthy Millennials by the Huffington Post and recently published her first book 50 Ways to Yay which can be found in bookstores across North America.

She is the co-founder of a nonprofit organization called E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change), which provides clean water to people in the developing world. Read More

Filip Sierpinski

EP 013 – “My Tell All” – My Pains and Why I Created this Podcast

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On this episode I come clean by talking about the things that have troubled me. I’ve suffered with some personal pains over the last few years and wanted to talk openly about them on this episode. I hope this episode will shine some light on my pains and the motivation for creating this podcast.

In this episode I get into my sexuality, I talk about how I’ve wrestled with dating men and women and not knowing where I stand on the sexuality spectrum. I talk about how I’ve recently come out to family about identifying myself as bisexual and the shame, guilt that I’ve lived with for too many years. You learn some things about me that you may have never thought or expected. Read More


Lost??? – 4 Steps to Navigate You Forward

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There are times in life when we feel a bit lost; uncertain of what to do or where to go next in our careers, our relationships, our personal growth and even in our travels.

Finding yourself begins with acknowledging that there is nothing to find.

To paraphrase Steve Jobs, “people travel thousands of miles to find themselves, when everything they seek is just around the corner.” Read More

Career Decisions

8 Ways to Make Better Career Decisions

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There are times when we reach a crossroads in our lives and we have to make a career decision. Career decisions can be challenging.

Many times we end up working jobs that aren’t helping us grow or aren’t maximizing our full skillset. We end up feeling undervalued and yearn for something more.

Taking the next step can be stressful and nerve-wracking especially if we’re uncertain about what’s next. Read More

"The Secret" to Figuring Out What You Want to Do

“The Secret” to Figuring Out What You Want To Do

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ove All too often I sit down with people and I hear the exact same thing, “I don’t know what I want to do with my life.” I hear this all the time, again and again. What’s absolutely incredible is how long people will stay at jobs they are unsatisfied with because they “don’t know” what else they could do or what they want to do.

This drives me bonkers. Life is way too short to sit around and blow days away.

Part of the problem lies within our current social conditioning. We believe we have to go school for 4, 8, or even 10 years before we start doing anything. That belief system is one of the most ridiculous fallacies that exists today. You don’t need to be an expert to start doing something you enjoy.  Read More