E.47 – Improving Your Day to Day By Releasing Your Attachments – Theresa Gagnon

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  • June 4, 2017
Theresa Gagnon

Theresa Gagnon is the owner/operator of Yoga Source Studio. Yoga Source is one of the best yoga studios I’ve discovered in my life based on aesthetics, energy and the ambience it creates for it’s students.

I brought Theresa onto the show because I wanted to share her Yoga philosophies, perspective on life with you and the importance of letting go of attachments. She is one of my favourite instructors ever, and I have found her insights highly supportive.

She is one of my favourite instructors ever, and I have found her insights highly supportive along my journey. I felt having her on the show would be valuable for others and my community.

The One Takeaway – Letting Go of Your Attachments Will Allow You to Fully Develop

Throughout the podcast, Theresa spoke again and again about letting go. Letting go of the physiologically, mentally, spirituality, attachments that define us.

We’ve all adopted certain beliefs about ourselves from our life and the environment we were born into. Some of us may have adopted stronger ideologies from our parents or religion depending on how we were raised.

In the Four Agreements, Miguel Miz discusses this and talks about creating a clean slate – coming into the world with a fresh start. Not bringing our past experiences, judgements or bias into our day to day.

Theresa talks about the importance of letting go of these experiences, and judgements that define you, including the religion, beliefs or dogma that you were born into.

These lenses continue to have an impact on you and are the reason why you fail to express yourself fully physically, emotionally and sexually in the world.

In order to be happier and live our truest expression, we must be willing to let go of the experiences that are holding us back.

As long as we continue to hold onto our past beliefs and are attached to our past, they will only continue to define us. And our potential, our capabilities will only continue to be stunted.

7 Things You’ll Learn in this Podcast

– Theresa’s method for how she found herself through life @ 4:33
– What is Dharma and are you living yours? @ 8:39
– the 5 Yamas – the ethical precepts of yoga: Ahimsa, Satya, Aparigraha, Asteya & Brahmacharya @ 14:05
– Who is the Intrepid Voyageur and why it’s important to you? @ 27:56
– How Theresa didn’t give up on her dream and what she learned from it? @ 36:25
– How we store emotional pain in our body & what does it mean? @ 42:30
– How suppressing parts of beings is impacting you? @ 55:25

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