E.48 – Shift Your Brain: Chaos to Harmony – Marc Amerigo

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  • June 12, 2017
Marc Amergo

Marc Amerigo is an engineer, international speaker, founder of Shift Your Brain and his team holds the downhill mountain bike speed record.

Below you can see a picture of him with the Red Baron and his team which holds the record at 227.7 km/hr.

Marc Amerigo, Red Barron Speed Record

He consulting services have been sought after by companies like Coca Cola, BP Oil, Exxon Mobil, Dale Carnegie Training and many, many others.

I brought Marc onto the podcast to talk about why companies like Coca-Cola and BP Oil seek out services. We discuss his Brain Shift method in great depth, which is the methodology he uses with all these companies and speaks about internationally.

Marc also shares his thoughts on the importance of addressing emotion in high-stress environments, effective leadership and how world records are not achieved without addressing all these and creating a connected team.

The Walkaway – Using the Brain Shift Method to Turn Chaos Into Harmony

The one thing I walked away with from this podcast is Marc’s Brain Shift Method and the importance of using this to resolve the “chaos” and challenges we have in our lives.

As Marc said, it all begins with looking at our environment of information. The environment we’re living in provides us with a lot of clues. It’s our

It’s our job to start processing this information.

Whether the data is coming from our emotions or logical mind, it’s all valuable pieces that we have to be able to interpret.

Marc even shared a personal story during the podcast where he focused a group of 20 men to stop to breathe and listen to the birds at the base of a nuclear reactor, quite an unpleasant place, in order to get them to reconnect with their environment.

The second step is innovation. Taking the information that is around us and figuring out what tools we need to create or that are available to us to move forward. This is where tapping into creativity, being resourceful and seeking to create solutions is key.

And the final step is to perform. This is where you get to start using the tools, resources and ideas you’ve identified to move forward.

This is the beginning of having used your environment to create solutions and turning chaos into harmony. Below is a visual representation of this from Marc’s website.


Brain Shift, Marc Amerigo

Dive into the podcast to hear more about the Brain Shift Method.

What Else Will You Takeaway:

  • How interconnected we are as groups
  • Marc’s perspective on effective leadership
  • How Marc is able to bring sensorial and emotional wisdom into hyper masculine and chatoic environments
  • Why you need to address emotions or else you will the miss the mark
  • Marc’s personal explanation of the Brain Shift Method
  • How to lead a tribe
  • How Marc is able to interconnect people in stressful environments
  • And much, much more

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