E.49 – Overcoming Adversity: From Gun Point to Car Crash – Paul Lam

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  • June 19, 2017
Paul Lam

Paul Lam is the host of the PathHunters podcast, specialist in overcoming adversity and author of Gun to Your Head: From Gun Point to Crash which hit #1 on Amazon.

I brought Paul onto the podcast to chat about the book, his launch and the events he chose to write about.

In the book, I was blown away by how deep and real Paul got. From sharing about abortion, to being robbed at gunpoint, to losing his car in an accident.

Paul shares about the impact all these events had on him and how he was able to overcome them.

The One Thing to Takeaway – Face Your Advertises

In the podcast, we dive into depth how Paul has been able to overcome adversity in his life. During the conversation, Paul shared his 3 step process.

1) Let Go – The first step is to begin letting go of the event and letting yourself know that you will move on. It doesn’t matter how difficult or challenging it may seem, you will move forward.

Paul made reference to the famous King Solomon quote during this part of the podcast, talking about the importance of embracing a “this too will pass” mindset.

2) Be Present To It – the next step to letting an incident go is being present to it. Not allowing it to hold too much weight against you.

This will allow you to come to peace with it as opposed to trying to run away from it or pretend that it never happened.

3) Reach Out To People – Paul says one of the most important things you can do is to reach out to others for support. Share what you’re going through and be willing to ask for help.

For Paul, it meant writing a book about the difficult moments he’s gone through in his life. He wanted to make these experiences an opportunity for others to learn.

This may not be the path for everyone but reaching out to someone and letting them know what’s happening is immensely beneficial to overcoming our adversities.

7 Things You’ll Takeaway

  • the promise Paul made to himself when he was being mugged at gunpoint
  • what was the most difficult aspect of the abortion?
  • what’s changed for Paul since being mugged at gunpoint
  • Paul’s process for overcoming adversity
  • what is a PathHunter?
  • the deeper purpose behind Paul’s podcast and his motivation
  • and much, much more

Connect With Paul

Instagram – @pathhunters

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