E.50 – How Priorities Rebuilt this Millionaire – Brian Scrone

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  • June 26, 2017
Brian Scorne

Brian Scrone is a real estate mogul. His company Jax Investments has done over $100 million in deals.

In 2008, Brian went from riches to rags. Being a multi-millionaire prior to the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, Brian struggled to put food on the table after the market bottomed out.

This led Brian to rebuild his business and LIFE more successfully than before, and write What Matters Most – which hit #1 in the self-help & motivation category on Amazon.

I brought Brian onto the podcast because I wanted him to share his story of bottoming out in 2008 and what changed afterwards.

I wanted him to talk about his book “What Matters Most” and how his priorities shifted through what he learned going through the 2008 market crash. We get into this and much, much more during the podcast.

The Walkaway

 Congruence and Priorities are Critical to Being the “You” Envision

If there is one word that I will remember from my conversation with Brian it will be congruence.

Congruence is critical because the life we believe we’re living does not always align with the life we’re actually living. This is where we need to reflect if we’re living congruently.

For example, Brain talked about when he worked with a high powered entrepreneur who identified himself as a “family man” yet he was working 14 hours a day and on the verge of divorce.

How is it possible to identify yourself as a family man when you’re not at home with your family?

This is an example of misaligned priorities and we’re all vulnerable to fall to this trap. So often we believe we’re acting one way and yet we show up completely different in the world.

This is why the 5Fs are so important to Brian – Fitness, Family, Friends, Finance and Faith.

We talk about how Brian schedules these into his day and what actions he takes to ensure he’s living the 5Fs.

It’s these actions that allow Brain to live congruently with himself and ensure he’s living in alignment with his true priorities.

During the podcast we talk at great length about the importance of these and why they are critical to his newfound success. He also paints a picture of what his life was like without them and it’s not one he is proud of.

We talk about Brain’s turnaround and the importance the 5Fs played in it. Check out the podcast to hear more.

What You Will Walkaway With

– What does a life with priorities look like versus a life without priorities? @ 7:45
– What hitting rock bottomed looked like for Brian @ 10:45
– Brian’s viewpoint on what it means to be human @ 16:15
– How Brian practices self-love and his advice for you on it @ 19:15
– The conversation and reframe that changed Brian’s life @ 23:00
– What happens when you open up and forgive yourself @ 30:00
– the 5Fs and their importance @ 32:00
– How Brian got into real estate @ 44:15
– Where did he get the money to start @ 50:15
– And much, much more

Connect with Brian

Website – www.brianscrone.com

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