E.51 – Listen to Your Inner Child – Adam Rubin

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  • July 23, 2017
Adam Rubin

My guest on this episode is Adam Rubin co-founder of Renew. Renew is a non-profit that brings personal development and self-discovery to children and young adults.

The organisation has brought programs to over 1,500 people since being founded in 2013.

Adam has a Masters in Non-Profit Management and Leadership. His organization has run programs in Tanzania, Arizona and is launching next into Australia.

I brought Adam onto the show because I wanted him to share what he’s found on the ground level from bringing personal development and self-discovery to kids. I wanted him to speak about the results they are finding and the impact this is having on kids lives.

The Walkaway – Connect With Your Inner Child

The biggest takeaway for me from my conversation with Adam was the importance of connecting with your inner child.

Adam suggested that the best way to achieve this is to find a childhood photo to remind yourself of the dreams and aspirations you had.

The reason why this is important to Adam is because he wouldn’t have created Renew if he hadn’t listened to his inner child. If he hadn’t gone on a journey to heal his wounds from the past.

This journey is what led Adam to create Renew. To help other children who are struggling, haunted by their past to move forward in their lives as he did.

During the podcast Adam spoke about the impact Renew is having on kids. How self-development, self-love and self-discovery is having a positive impact on the lives of thousands. It’s even improving their academic results.

Surprisingly it’s even having a positive impact on the academic results of the children he’s working with.

Yet the impact that Adam’s work is having goes much deeper than that.

“I had something horrible happen. I looked at myself as someone who wasn’t worth anything. But now since you guys have come in. I see that I have more meaning. I can love myself who I am.”

– Adam Rubin sharing about the impact Renew had on one girl’s life in Tanzania

And this is why it’s so important to tap into our inner child. When we tap into the innocence and purity of our childish heart we can begin to start to love ourselves. We begin to be kinder on ourselves. We can take off the pressure that we put on ourselves and remove the baggage that we’ve been carrying around that is no longer serving us, only holding us back.

Suggestions on Loving Your Inner Child

Nurturing this side of ourselves allows us to find an inner ease within ourselves and gain more confidence in ourselves.

Adam suggests a few powerful questions throughout the podcast to assist connecting with your inner child:

– What part of yourself are you not loving yourself unconditionally?
– What emotional blocks are you carrying around?
– What work needs to be done to let go of these blocks?

Adam suggests finding an old childhood photo of yourself to assist with this process. A photo which you can intimately connect with and is a representation of who you were as a child (Ironically this strategy has come up in 2 podcasts in a row.)

This photo is a stepping stone to reconnecting with your inner child. To say I’m here for you. I’m here for you in a big way. I may be up against a lot in my adult life but I’m not turning away from you again.

The 3 Step Process

During the podcast Adam suggests a three step process.

1) SURRENDERING – surrendering begins with acknowledging that a greater being exists and that we must reconigize that we’re here with a purpose higher than ourselves

2) REMEMBERING – the second step is to remember that we’re all spiritual beings and that we’re living in a physical reality for only a period of time. Inside all of us is a deep loving heart and that is meant to serve spiritually – to love the world. It’s our responsibility to accept this greater process and figure out how we can give back.

3) RELEASING EXPECTATIONS – too often we put too much weight and pressure on ourselves. We believe that we have so much more control over our outcome than we actually do. When we surrender and remember that we’re part of a bigger process this allows to let go of some of the pressure that we put on ourselves.

It’s by following this process that we can begin to reconnect with our inner child. And if that feels too spiritual for you, you can start with an old photo of yourself to see what impact the photo has on you. What does your old

And if that feels too spiritual for you, you can get more granular by finding with an old photo of yourself. What does your old self say to you? What needs are you neglecting?

It may not feel like a spiritual calling but even if you begin listening to these needs, you’ll be in a better place than you were before.

It’s through this process that we can begin to heal and move forward.

Because as we’ve seen through the results that Adam has with his work, when we embrace self-development, self-love and self-discovery there are positive impacts to be embraced. And it’s not just better grades.

Check out the podcast to hear more.

7 Things You’ll Takeaway

– why Adam believes in heart centred entrepreneurship
– the impact personal development, self-love and self-discovery is having on children @ 19:45
– what triggered Adam’s subconscious belief that he needed to be “fixed” @ 34:30
– the importance of forgiveness in creating new space @ 42:30
– Adam’s recipe for connecting back in with your inner child @ 47:30
– why we should step into our hearts and our pain @ 53:15
– the value of giving yourself recognition you deserve @ 100:00

Connect with Adam

Instagram – @renewchange

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