EP 013 – “My Tell All” – My Pains and Why I Created this Podcast

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  • May 7, 2016
Filip Sierpinski

On this episode I come clean by talking about the things that have troubled me. I’ve suffered with some personal pains over the last few years and wanted to talk openly about them on this episode. I hope this episode will shine some light on my pains and the motivation for creating this podcast.

In this episode I get into my sexuality, I talk about how I’ve wrestled with dating men and women and not knowing where I stand on the sexuality spectrum. I talk about how I’ve recently come out to family about identifying myself as bisexual and the shame, guilt that I’ve lived with for too many years. You learn some things about me that you may have never thought or expected.

I let it all out; I get raw, authentic and vulnerable because I want to create a podcast that is centered on authenticity.  When we are authentic that’s when our truth shines and we allow others to see us who we truly are. As long as we continue to hide and suppress parts of our true personality we will only continue to inflict more pain on ourselves.

I hope this podcast encourages others to be their most authentic self and show who they are. Regardless of what you’re pain or suffering is know that you’re not alone. Know that others are suffering with you and only through opening up can we start to heal. It is our darkest shadows where we can have our richest gains.

Check out the podcast to hear more, it’s a short one 13 minutes.

Referenced in the Podcast:

Brene Brown – Shame and vulnerability researcher

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You can contact me through my website or email me at fil(at)filipsierpinski.com