EP 016 – Investment Strategies with a Stock Market Expert

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  • June 5, 2016
Filip Sierpinski

Who is my guest for this episode?

On episode 16 I have Dave Barr, the CEO of PenderFund Capital, as my guest. Dave is the co-chief investment officer at Pender and manages 4 investment portfolios. He was awarded the Lipper Award for best Small Cap Fund in Canada in 2015.

Why did I bring Dave onto the show?

I brought Dave onto to the show because I had the pleasure of working with him for 2 years prior to launching this podcast. In the two years I worked at PenderFund Capital, Dave instilled a lot of knowledge to me about the investing that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I thought it would be useful to have him on the show to share some of wisdom with you.

Dave was awarded the Lipper Award in his category, which is the most prestigious investing award you can receive in Canada.

Dave is a regular guest on the Business News Network where he provides advice on Canada’s small cap technology stocks. He’s been featured in Canada’s top newspapers and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to investing.

He’s passionate about his craft and having him on the show was an opportunity to share some of his expertise with you.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Dave’s investment strategy
  • Why you need to be adaptive because things aren’t going to go as planned in business
  • The value of having a contrarian mindset
  • Looking at investing from the standpoint of a business owner
  • The importance of patience

“A lot of people will stick to a plan, go down a course for too long, where all the evidence is banging them over the head saying this isn’t going to work. You have to be very self-aware, you have to be honest and you have to evaluate the information, to know when it’s time to fold up shop or pivot into a new direction.”

– Dave Barr

Dive into the episode to hear more.

Time Notes

  • How Dave’s science degree helps with investing – 4:13
  • Why you need a vision for your business and why you need to be adaptable – 5:28
  • Assessing early stage companies from a risk standpoint – 6:13
  • Why being a contrarian is important to Dave – 7:04
  • TIO Networks – 8:55
  • Entrepreneurs are contrarian by nature – 10:30
  • Looking at businesses from an owners standpoint – 14:55
  • Why Dave invests in technology – 16:00
  • Value investing and Warren Buffett – 18:15
  • Keys to Buffett’s success – 20:11
  • The importance to having balance – 23:00
  • Be patient – 27:28

Contact Info

Dave can be reached through LinkedIN or on Twitter @PenderDave

For more information on the portfolios he manages check-out the following links:

Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund
Pender Value Fund
Pender Canadian Opportunities Fund
Pender Select Ideas Fund

Mentioned in the Podcast:

TIO Networks – one of Dave’s investments that went from $0.20 to $2
The Intelligent Investor – the investment book Dave recommends to everyone starting off
Warren Buffett
The Warren Buffett Way – the first investment book Dave read
Ben Graham – author of the Intelligent Investor
Charlie Munger – Buffett’s business partner
The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success
Steve Jobs
Elon Musk
John D. Rockefeller