EP 017 – Michael Muscari – Allowing Yourself to Be Enough the Way You Are

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  • June 20, 2016
Michael Muscari

Who is Mike?

Mike is my first returning podcast guest. In our first episode we talked about how to improve communication in intimate relationships, which to date is still one of the most highly downloaded episodes.

Mike is the founder of a nutrient supplement company called Nano Nutra. Nano Nutra uses the bodies natural agents (liposomes) to help increase the amount of nutrients that reach our blood stream, many supplements do not use these agents thus reducing the health benefits of taking supplements.

He is also a master NLP practitioner and has a flexible lifestyle due to the web-based nutrients business he operates.

Why did I bring Mike onto the show?

I brought Mike onto to show for sooooooo many reasons!!!

First, we got to record the episode in his fully loaded RV van in Venice Beach, California. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to do a “van episode.”

Secondly, Mike’s supplement company allows him to operate his business remotely from any place that has a cell signal! I wanted to dive into this business more and talk about the lifestyle he’s been able to create for himself as a result of this.

The flexibility in his business recently allowed Mike to buy a fully functional RV van, throw some solar panels on it and spend several months travelling the west coast from one surf break to another.

Lastly, Mike set off on this journey to do some self-reflection, rediscover himself after his last relationship and to explore surf breaks on the west coast. After spending 4 days with him in Venice Beach and hearing his stories, I couldn’t help but bring him back on the show.

What will you learn in this episode?

– How Mike’s people pleasing impacted him personally in his last relationship and the impact this had on it
– Why he was continuously stumped when partners asked him what he liked
– How we escape from our emotional pains
– About the Ken Wilber Shadow Repression method & the importance of taking the time to connect with our feelings
– Steps to micro-dosing and psychedelics
– How we are all enough the way we are
– How to set out on your own van journey
– Resources for the van life

Contact Info

Mike can be reached via facebook if you have any questions about Nano Nutra, the van life or places he travelled to.

Podcast Notes

Time Notes

– How Mike lost part of his identity in his last relationship @2:30
– How would you respond to the objection that you don’t know yourself at 31? @4:30
– Why he enjoys surfing – an example of enjoying the subtleties of life @5:25
– Partners would ask him what he likes but he never had a good answer…why? @6:30
– Mike’s realization that he’s repressed a lot of sadness – “it’s easy to get over your sadness by surrounding yourself with people” @8:00
– Being present with sadness @8:50
– The Ken Wilber Shadow Repression method and how Mike reconnected with his emotions (the hyperlink is a great step by step for anyone look to dive in further) @10:50
– “focused on feeling his emotions as opposed to running from them” @11:20
– Breakdown of micro-dosing @ 12:45
– Consciously choose not to judge his feelings as good or bad @14:20
– By going on this journey he was able to get to know himself more @16:00
– Doing one thing every day that makes Mike feel alive @18:00
– Learning to be content @20:00
– Mike’s surfing metaphor for accepting yourself the way you are @21:10
– The hardest part was being alone but made the most growth @24:15
– About the van @ 27:00
– People’s perception of him for living in a van@ 29:00
– Mike business – Nano Nutra @ 30:20
– Tim Ferriss is one of his greatest mentors @34:50
– Where Mike went on his trip @36:48
– Mike’s accessories for the trip @ 40:30
– Mike’s wild road stories @ 41:30
– Mike’s second blowout @43:30
– Journey from Venice Beach, California to Vancouver, BC @45:10
– Resources available for the Van Life @49:00

Mentioned in the Podcast

Ken Wilber – Shadow Repression
Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide
RoadTrek 170 – Mike’s van
Nano Nutra – Mike’s business
Tim Ferriss – 4 Hour Work Week
White Sands, New Mexico
MC Yogi
Big Sur, California
Coos Bay, Oregon
Van Life Diaries – @vanlifediaries