EP 018 – Alexi Panos – I’mperfect

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  • June 26, 2016
Alexi Panos

 Who is Alexi Panos?

Alexi Panos is an inspirational vlogger, speaker and co-founder of The Bridge Method and The Bridge Experience.

She was named 1 of 11 Noteworthy Millennials by the Huffington Post and recently published her first book 50 Ways to Yay which can be found in bookstores across North America.

She is the co-founder of a nonprofit organization called E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change), which provides clean water to people in the developing world.

Why did I bring Alexi onto the show?

I brought Alexi onto the show because she is creating awesome shit in the world. She is a testament to what the world needs more of. How we all have a choice to stand up for our lives.

In the podcast we talk about becoming awake to your calling in the universe, consuming less of the noise of society and aligning more with our vision, our gifts and who we are.

Alexi talks about her personal experience with this; she was hosting a reality TV show, doing commentary on a sports television show and giving back through her non-profit E.P.I.C. and yet still felt misaligned. She was making a 6 figure salary and on paper everything appeared to be working – but deep down she knew she wasn’t using her gifts – her soul was calling her to use her gifts.

It was at this moment that Alexi decided to move her life around and pursue the career she has today.

What will you learn?

Why we’re addicted to our stories. The reasons why we have painful stories, the reasons why we keep bringing these pains up in our life, is because they allow us to keep our current identity as opposed to moving forward. It allows us to keep repeating our story of why we don’t have the relationship we want in life, why we’re not more successful, why we’re not rich enough because it’s the same story weighing us down. We dive into this.

We dive into self love. We talk about how Alexi’s self love practice is more focused on her emotional side and creating a space to listen to her soul, as opposed to just physical activities like walking or yoga.

We talk about her relationship with her finance Preston Smiles. We talk about how she knew she found “the one” and what stood out to her.

To hear more jump into the podcast.

Contact Info

Website – you can find all her social media links her on her website along with everything about the programs she has created and you can reach out to her there
YouTube – I do recommend checking out her YouTube videos as they are amazingly inspirational… especially this one.

Notable Moments

– Everything is perfectly imperfect @ 3:30
– Simplest secret in the universe – honour and accept your soul @ 5:45
– How to honour your soul @ 7:30
– Why we’re addicted to our stories @ 9:00
– Recent example of Alexi holding onto her pain @ 11:30
– How to identify what your pain story is @ 13:00
– You can’t intervene in a world you don’t know @ 14:00
– Feminine grace @ 16:00
– Self love @ 18:30
– Relationship with Preston Smiles @ 22:00
– Alexi’s early years @ 25:00
– The creation of E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change) @ 28:00
– Alexi’s soul yearning for her to use her gifts @ 30:10
– Bridge Method @ 36:30
– Most people are deeply distracted from the relationship they have with themselves @ 39:10
– What holds Alexi back in her next chapter @ 42:00
– How she knew Preston was the one @ 44:00
– What made Preston different from all the other men @ 47:00
– Final words @ 48:30

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