EP 021 – Angie Sanchez – Be the Leader of Your Own Life

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  • July 17, 2016
Angie Sanchez

Who is Angie Sanchez?

Angie is a truth junkie, movement enthusiast and certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

She runs a program called True You which helps her clients feed their bodies with ‘primary food’ to fuel their success.

Angie’s primary foods may not be what you would expect at first. Her focus with her clients is feeding them the appropriate emotional foods through relationships, physical activity, career and spirituality to live the lifestyle they desire.

Why did I bring Angie onto the show?

I brought Angie onto the show because when we talked prior to the podcast she told me about a concept called bio-individuality. Bio-individuality is the belief that we should be treated as a unique human being rather than a generic blueprint.

Too many fitness programs, diets and even medical treatments apply the same generic techniques across the board as opposed to creating specific unique treatments for each person.

Having Angie on the show was an opportunity for her to share more about the deep dive she conducts with her clients and to share with us how we can connect deeper with ourselves to identify which areas could use more love in our lives.

What will you learn?

  • About the principal of bio-individuality
  • The 4 primary foods: career, relationship, physical activity, spirituality and how they impact our lives
  • About the two choices we always have in life
  • Angie’s journey to becoming whole and how being whole is important to all of us
  • How getting to the core of yourself leads to true health
  • Where men are currently struggling and why Angie’s clientele has shifted to mostly men
  • Why vulnerability is powerful
  • The importance of empowering self-talk and asking empowering questions
  • About Angie’s transition from the corporate world to coaching
  • The importance of gratitude and appreciation
  • How to reframe failure

The One Habit to Takeaway

Ask your self empowering questions. It’s easy to get lost in our own negative self talk.  In the podcast, Angie gives a list of dis-empowering questions she hears her clients ask:

  • Why am I such a loser?
  • Am I ever going to figure this out?
  • Why am I a piece of shit?

We may not be in control of our thoughts but we can certainly ask ourselves empowering questions anytime we catch ourselves in a negative loop. It’s our job to halt the negativity and focus on the positive:

  • What can I do right now to start believing in myself?
  • What one thing can I do in this moment to move this project forward?
  • How can I change my mood right now from being down to energized and uplifted?

When we take responsibility for our minds, we take responsibility for our lives. Know that you have the power to change and that power lies within.

Contact Angie

Website – www.angiesanchez.life
Instagram @iamangiesanchez

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