EP 32 – Laurita Gorman – Flipping Your Life Around

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  • November 7, 2016
Laurita Gorman

“It’s never too late to start living a life of purpose.”

– Laurita Gorman

The Lesson to Take Away From This Podcast

Laurita went to school for 9 years to establish her career. She was married; she had a house, 2 dogs and the only thing missing was kids. Even though she had all this, it didn’t feel right to her.

Change began by booking a 10-day yoga retreat to Costa Rica. It was here where is was able to turn inward and reflect.

Her body was yearning for change. She had always wanted to live a nomadic lifestyle, but fear held her back. Her trip to Costa Rica was an awakening.

Within in a month of coming back from Costa Rica she ended her marriage and started planning her next trip to Indonesia and Thailand. It was on that trip where she had a moment, where she decided to commit to living a life of purpose and following her dreams. She didn’t want to be a 90 year old woman regretting not doing the things she loved.

Upon returning to Canada from her trip, she began to turn all her attention to making her nomadic life a reality. Every conversation, every action, every penny she made was put towards saving for her new life aboard, a life she never believed would happen.

Who is Laurita Gorman?

Laurita is a holistic therapist, yoga instructor, mental health advocate, storyteller, speaker and writer. She is currently traveling through South East Asian while providing coaching to her clients.

Why did I bring Laurita onto the show?

Laurita is an example of someone who did a complete 180 shift to start living the life she wanted. It’s easy to make excuses about why we can’t live our life a specific way. And yes not everything in our life is in our control.

But how we respond to specific events and what we choose it. Laurita is an example of someone who didn’t want to live her life with regret. She always wanted to have an opportunity to travel, grow and discover more of herself. And she did exactly that.

She ended her marriage, sold her house and said goodbye to a career she worked 9 years to achieve.

“By no means was it easy, it was one the hardest things I had ever done.” 

It’s this level of commitment that is required of us to start living a life of purpose. Making difficult decisions and following through with them. I brought Laurita onto the show to be an inspiration for all in a similar situation.

Seven Things You’ll Learn from This Podcast

  • the importance of radical self-acceptance @ 3:05
  • the trip that changed everything and what Laurita did when she got back @ 22:45
  • How Laurita knew what she had to change and the difficult decisions that followed @ 27:30
  • Allowing your intuition to guide you, even if it doesn’t make rational sense @ 31:30
  • How Laurita supports her clients and the importance of knowing your strengthens @ 33:15
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing – how it impacts your parasympathetic nervous system and how it grounds you @ 38:15
  • Laurita’s secrets to cheap travel @ 40:30

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Contact Laurita

Website – www.lauritagorman.com
Her Website geared for solo female travelers – www.wellontheroad.net

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