Ep 34 – Kelly Davis – Mental Illness (You’re Not Alone)

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  • November 22, 2016
Kelly Davis

“I started learning that I did have power, even though for most of my life I felt like I had none.”

– Kelly Davis

One Thing to Takeaway

You’re Not Alone

One of the main points my guest, Kelly Davis, stressed in this podcast was how early in life she felt alone with her mental illness. She knew as early as grade 1-2 that her feelings were “too big” for her body but at this age she had no way to articulate how she was feeling.

“I didn’t have the words and I didn’t want to feel that way.”

This isolation led her into being bullied, toxic relationships, abusing substances and attempting to take her own life.

In the podcast, she talks about the profound impacting growing up in isolation had on her. As she got older she began to take back control of her.

She talks about the personal work she did; the impact group therapy had on her and how yoga allowed her to connect with her body in a safe way.

She shares how changing her story from a victim to a survivor was a huge step in her development and the importance of viewing her emotional sensitivity as a gift.

In the podcast, Kelly reiterates how we’re not alone on our journey, especially if we’re battling with mental illness.

Who is Kelly Davis?

Kelly Davis works for a non-profit called Mental Health America. She is focused on improving policies in the USA around mental health.

A few months back she spoke at the White House on a panel regarding mental health and discussed how recovery is not being stressed enough in the mental health discussion.

She also leads a group fitness class and recently became a certified yoga instructor.

Why Did I Bring Kelly Onto the Show?

I brought Kelly onto the show because when I heard Kelly’s story with mental health, I knew it could have an impact on others.

When Kelly told me her story of isolation I instantly connected with it. As a bisexual man, I experienced a similar journey of being along and confused for a long period.

I believe Kelly’s journey to overcome her battle with mental illness and rid herself of the demons holding her back, would serve others on a similar path.

Seven Things You’ll Learn From This Podcast

– How Kelly believed being labelled bipolar was going to impact the rest of her life @ 8:30
– How Kelly was able to explore her relationship with her body in a safe way @ 10:45
– What made Kelly feel like taking her life @ 21:50
– One of the biggest transformational moments for Kelly @ 32:00
– The amazing self love sticky note exercise @ 47:30
– How to silence your inner critic @ 51:00
– What Kelly does now when depression strikes or her mood changes @ 56:15
– and more!

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Contact Kelly

Instagram – @kellyabdavis

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