Ep 40 – Kelsey Grant – Moving Forward Powerfully When Pain Has Been Your Messenger

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  • January 24, 2017
Kelsey Grant

“The more and more you claim the wholeness of your being, the higher you will absolutely sore in your life.”

– Kelsey Grant

The One Takeaway

Listen To What Your Pain Has To Tell You.

Typically when we feel pain, our natural reaction is to turn away from it and adopt a victim mentality. “Why me?” “What did I do to deserve this?”

Your pain is valuable. It’s trying to tell you something but you’re unwilling to listen.

This is one of the most powerful ideas that came out of the podcast with Kelsey Grant, a self-love expert.

Below is her framework to allow our emotional pain to be a teacher.

1. Make a Declaration to Yourself – it all begins by granting yourself permission to feel the pain.

2. Nourish the Body – when we are sick, we start healing our body by hydrating and providing it with nutrients. The same applies when we feel pain, begin to nourish your body.

3. Engage the Pain – Opposite to the typical reaction of shutting down when we sense pain, engage your body into some sort of physical activity to engage with the pain.

4. “I Choose to See This Differently” – this step is like a mantra. Allow yourself to see this pain from a different point of view.

5. The Caring Question – the last and final step is asking yourself, “what is something I could dedicate myself to, something bigger than the pain I’m feeling?”

Everyone feels pain. We all understand it even when we think our pain is unique or different.

The key becomes, what can you focus on to move through this pain?

For Kelsey, it was making a decision to support 500,000 people to love themselves better. Every day she woke up and dedicated herself to that ideal – if I was going to lead 500,000 through their pain, who do I need to become? What do I need to face today?

From this Kelsey’s belief was born – “the degree which I can support people, is the degree which I’m intimate with my own shit.”

When we allow our pain to serve a higher purpose, it’s no longer a limiting story weighing us down.

7 Things You Will Learn:

  • How to transform your pain
  • The importance of doing your own work
  • Developing the confidence to allow your pain to work through you
  • Creating an environment to release your pain
  • How Kelsey cultivated discipline and commitment
  • The importance of having discipline and commitment
  • How to deal with your inner saboteur

Who is Kelsey?

Kelsey is a self-love and relationship coach. She helps people to uncover the blocks that hold them from connecting with self and others.

She does this by supporting people in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves – who we are on an intimate level and what really makes us come alive. When we have this knowledge, we’re able to have a better relationship with ourselves and ultimately create better relationships in our lives.

Why Did I Bring Her On?

I brought Kelsey onto the show because I wanted her talk to about relationships and what keeps tripping us up from succeeding in them.

In the podcast, we do just that and take a deep dive into the pain that holds us back 🙂

Contact Kelsey

Website – www.kelseygrant.com
Facebook – Kelsey Grant
Kelsey Instagram – @radicalselflove

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