E. 41 – Mark Groves – Living in the Unknown, Dating, and Relationships

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  • March 27, 2017

Mark Groves is a human connection specialist and creator of the Masters of the Universe Summit. With over 86 thousand followers on Instagram, his practical and down to earth relationship advice is consumed by thousands every single day.

I brought Mark on for exactly that reason – to jam about relationships as I know this is a pain point for many in my audience.

“Any type of emotional frustration or anger is always a secondary response to an actual emotional need that is not being met… Once we can understand the emotional need, we can communicate what it is. Then we don’t have to get frustrated, angry, defensive or start to withdrawal. And that really is LEARNING how to move from the REACTION of ‘I am angry’ to ‘I feel it’ why do I feel it?”

– Mark Groves

The Big Takeaway – Live in the Unknown

As much as Mark and I jammed on relationships and dating, the one piece of information that I found most insightful and valuable to my journey is living in the unknown.

Mark put it quite eloquently. We’re afraid to lose to what we can see. We hold on to the things around us. Grasping onto them as they make up pieces of our identity.

The irony is when we hold on so tightly to the things around us, is we don’t make space for new things to enter. Ironically, the things we’re holding onto to most of the time ARE NOT EVEN the things we want.

We have to embody courage. We have to embody bravery. For the only way to allow the things we want to enter our lives is to rid ourselves of the things we’re holding onto.

“We’re always afraid to lose what we CAN see… but what we CAN’T see is all the amazing things that will come into your life when you step into the unknown. I now live in the unknown.”

-Mark Groves

7 Things You’ll Learn

  • The pain of being yourself is the greatest pain of all @ 4:40
  • The qualities and rituals of couples that stay together @ 15:50
  • What any type of emotional anger or frustration truly means @ 17:40
  • The impact having open communication has on our relationships (intimate & professional) @ 22:25
  • Celebrating qualiversaries @ 27:00
  • Understanding yourself before going into a relationship @ 29:40
  • Attachment patterns @ 38:20
  • And much, much more.

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