E. 43 – JuVan Langford – Tell A Story That Serves You

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  • April 17, 2017
JuVan Langford

JuVan Langford is a men’s empowerment coach or as he describes himself “I do whatever it takes.”

JuVan runs the Elevation Effect, a program specialized for men that he does all over the world. He has 2 coaching programs, the Elevated Man Academy and Choose Higher, both designed to support men.

He also runs the Men Tour, where he works with middle-aged boys in schools across Los Angeles. And lastly, he has a YouTube video series called “Thought Life.

JuVan specializes in grooming the minds of men and boys.

I brought JuVan onto the show because he has been transformational in my journey. I would not have been able to come forward with my sexuality, about being bisexual, if it was not for JuVan.

I didn’t bring JuVan onto the show for only that reason, I know JuVan has been transformational to hundreds and thousands of men around the world, and I wanted you to hear from him directly.

The Big Takeaway – Tell A Story that Serves You

One of my favorite sayings that I’ve heard from JuVan again and again is:

“If you’re going to tell yourself a story, we may as well tell ourselves a story that serves you and supports other people.”

When we accept this mindset, we take responsibility for the story we’re telling ourselves.

When we take on ownership of our story, we’re forced to confront the dark and scary parts of ourselves that are no longer serving us.

For JuVan it was “I’m afraid of men”. Saying that was much easier than having to confront men.

For me, it was much easier to live in secrecy and shame with my double life than to admit I had sexual attractions to men.

When we take ownership of our story, we forced to confront these dark and scary parts of our past. By facing our past, we forced to resolve emotional wounds.

Resolution creates space. And space creates new possibilities.

This is the beginning of healing. The beginning of forgiveness.

As JuVan said in the podcast, forgiveness is:

“Forgiveness is letting go of the idea that things, including people, could have been any different than they were.”

We must come to terms with the fact that things happened exactly as they were meant to be. And nothing should have occurred any differently.

When we do this, we begin to accept. And acceptance leads to responsibility. Responsibility of the story we’re telling ourselves.

There can be no movement forward with the weight of the past dragging us down. And in the cases we do move forward, it’s highly obstructed by the weight being dragged with us.

When we become “100% responsible for 50% of anything we find ourselves in” – that’s when we begin taking ownership. Ownership leads to space. Space leads to healing. And healing leads to us telling a story that serves us.

7 Things You’ll Takeaway

  • Key to breaking through your mommy/daddy issues, scarcity or financial barrier @ 6:20
  • The most influential person JuVan had growing up @ 9:25
  • The 4 pain points JuVan finds with men around the world @ @ 12:20
  • How we verbally abuse ourselves and how this shows up in relationships @ 15:45
  • How everything is available to you @ 26:20
  • The first step to clarity @ 28:30
  • Telling a story that serves you and forgiveness @ 32:30
  • And much, much more.

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