About Me

Hi 🙂 My name is Filip Sierpinski and thank you for stopping by to read a little more about me.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by people. Obsessed would probably be more accurate.

Around July of 2015, I realized I was on the wrong life trajectory. I felt disconnected from my purpose and got tired of seeing people suffering in their lives.

Growing up friends would always come to me in time of crisis for clarity and direction.

Due to my love of people and an innate gift to support them, I launched my blog and podcast called Your Next Chapter in September of 2015.

My goal was simple, to provide you with the resources to create the life and career you want. By tackling the obstacles that stand in our way, we can start to lead a life that brings us fulfillment and happiness.

The range of struggles we have as millennials is diverse. As millennials we jump careers, our relationships don’t fall into traditional boxes, we’re typically in debt, and we can be facing emotional battles.

My podcast is full of real, raw and open the conversations that will have an impact on your life.

I provide you with relationship coaches to tackle dating and communication in our intimate relationships.

I speak to transformational coaches about accepting your imperfections, overcoming your addictions, and finding the thing you love.

Also, guests share about making difficult transitions late in life and being enough the way you are. Entrepreneurs talk about the importance of failure. And financial strategists talk about how to get out of debt.

I share about my inner demons and the struggles I had with being a bisexual man. Wow, let me tell you how much anxiety and depression leading this double life caused for me.

Only when we have clarity on the direction we are heading, do we begin to develop align and have confidence with our inner self.

I know that by having access to the right minds, coaches and mentors we can achieve the growth we seek.

Many of my clients come from the mindset they are not “achievers.” It is not us who can’t achieve, it’s the framework we use that is broken.

So the question now becomes, what are you going to do you with Your Next Chapter?

Warm regards,

Filip Sierpinski

Feel you need guidance on your journey? Send me a message and let’s find out if we’re a fit.