Life Changing Events, Biking Around North America and the Value of Kindness with Brock Tully

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  • November 3, 2015
Filip Sierpinski

Brock Tully has published 9 books, has biked almost 50,000 km on 3 North American tours and is the Co-Founder of the Kindness Foundation of Canada. Brock is also a public speaker who has spoken at schools and in front of numerous organizations.

He is also the Co-Founder of Kindness Rocks in Schools which is a program meant to prevent bullying and abuse in public schools.

In this episode we get into Brock’s story and what triggered him to bike around North America. Brock talks about the value of this journey and how it possibly saved his life, along with allowing him to discover who he was.

We get into Brock’s path and purpose – kindness. I ask Brock how he feels his work has affected others and about the 6 books (5 ‘Reflections’ books & “The Great Gift…for somone special”) of inspiritational thoughts that he’s created. We also get into Kindness Rocks in Schools, a program that Brock is starting to dedicate more time and energy to again.

This podcast runs just a little over 27 minutes. You can learn more about Brock at Brock has also recently started an instagram account with his beautiful words of inspiration which you can follow @kindnesscentral.

“Deep down we’re all the same. We’ve all been hurt and have the same fears. We’re not alone. That’s so empowering because when we know that… we have the power and courage to grow.” – Brock Tully