Lost??? – 4 Steps to Navigate You Forward

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  • April 13, 2016

There are times in life when we feel a bit lost; uncertain of what to do or where to go next in our careers, our relationships, our personal growth and even in our travels.

Finding yourself begins with acknowledging that there is nothing to find.

To paraphrase Steve Jobs, “people travel thousands of miles to find themselves, when everything they seek is just around the corner.”

You may have to do some digging around or face some difficult moments, but ultimately all the answers we seek are inside ourselves already.

Admit It

The first step is to admit that you’re lost. If you’re not willing to throw your hands up in the air and wave down the next passing car for help, you’re going to continue being lost.

Understand that there is no shame in being lost; it’s not a reason to feel uncomfortable or incompetent. There is no shame in not knowing what you want to do but you have to be willing to admit it – at least to yourself.

Once you can acknowledge that you need help, you can start to enlist others on to your team. You can begin with your best friend, a family member or other trusted friend or your mentor. Someone who knows you well will be able to offer a great deal of reflection on your situation. They can shed light on your current situation by drawing on your past experiences and actions that can help you find your path again.

If you aren’t ready to talk to anyone about it just yet, you can devote some time to working through it yourself.  Journaling or setting aside time to go for a walk and clear your head can get you into a better emotional state. Giving ourselves the space we need is essential to finding ourselves.


Set aside some time to regroup. When we create space and silence in our life we have the opportunity to hear our inner voice again.

In today’s day and age we’re constantly bombarded by a variety of information and stimulus. Our phones are always beeping with messages or new notifications, leaving us in a constant state of reaction. Reacting to the various situations in our life will never lead us to deliberately picking the path that we want for ourselves.

Give yourself a vacation or turn your phone off for a couple hours and go somewhere to minimize your distractions. The more space you can create for yourself the quicker you will find your way back to where you need to be.

Find Your North Star

We all have an internal compass that guides us. Following your heart and your intuition is the key to a fulfilling life.

Let your passions and things you love guide you to ultimate destination you wish to reach.

Having a firm destination in mind provides us with the clarity to take the first step. We may not have the whole journey mapped out but that’s not the important thing.

Whether that be enrolling for a college program, switching up careers, launching your own business or taking a one year sabbatical having that end destination lays the path for your journey.

Allowing yourself to be guided by what fires you up will help you to get where you want to go a lot faster. Just because you’ve gone down a path for so long doesn’t make it the correct path.

Remember when you’re lost, it doesn’t matter if you’re one semester or one mile away from your destination, it’s still the wrong destination. As soon as you can turn around and go back in the right direction, that’s what you need to do.

Step in the Right Direction

It’s never easy, stepping into the direction you want, the place you love. The reasons are many. Our doubts and fears always haunt us, fooling us in to thinking we can’t.

Recognize there may be drawbacks. There may be a cut in salary but these things are all momentary.

The first step is always the most difficult as we have to confront the realities of our choice, but once you’ve picked your direction, draw up all your bravery and step into that direction. Go there once and for all. Once you’ve made that first step, you won’t regret it.

Enjoy the process. Understanding that the first step to ultimate fulfillment is having a deep understanding of your purpose is the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Enjoy your journey and if you need help, I can always be found here.