EP 25 – Harnessing Your Intuition – Maxine Friend

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  • August 24, 2016
Maxine Friend

Who is Maxine Friend?

Maxine is a physic. She has the ability to channel energy and uses Rider-Waite deck as her primary form of energy reading.

She has appeared in newspapers, magazines and on TV and has a 6 month wait list for her services, so she’s no joke.

Why did I bring Maxine onto the show?

I brought Maxine onto the show for 2 reasons:

1 – Maxine comes from a corporate background. She worked for a prominent digital agency in Vancouver for many years prior to becoming a physic.

I wanted to talk to her personally about what inspired her to transition from a stable, high paying corporate job to one of the most stigmatized professions (right up there with a sex worker as Maxine put it).

I wanted to hear first hand about the struggles she had with this transition, the stigmas she encountered and the pressures she felt from those closest to her.

2 – Maxine supports her clientele in strengthening their connection with their intuition. I wanted to talk to her about how we can more effectively tap into our intuition and let it serve us as a guiding force.

The 7 Things You Will Learn:

  • When Maxine first recognized her gift and how it was an identity she resisted initially @ 8:35
  • The challenges she experienced at work with the transition @ 26:05
  • Law of Divine Free Will @ 32:55
  • The importance of trusting in your sense of purpose at a deep soul level @ 36:05
  • The distinction between fear & love… what we feed is what we get @ 37:25
  • How do you tap into your intuition? @ 47:25
  • How do we clear our energy bands to allow our intuitive energy to flow through us? 52:00

Contact Maxine

The best way to reach Maxine is through her website. You can also book directly there if you’re interested in working with her.

Mentioned in the Podcast

Course of Miracles


Maxine mentioned numerous ways to strengthen our connection with our intuition but two ways she suggested was guided meditations and chakra clearing meditations. I have located a couple meditations on YouTube for you to check out.

Guided Meditation for Relaxation 
Guided Meditation for Trusting Your Intuition 
Guided Meditation for Clearing Your Chakras