EP 23 – Let Love Lead the Way – Preston Smiles

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  • August 10, 2016
Preston Smiles

 Who is Preston Smiles?

Preston Smiles is an advocate for love and love’s voice. He is an author, vlogger and motivational speaker. He is the co-founder of the Love Mob and Bridge Method.

Preston just published his first book Love Louder: 33 Ways to Amplify Life that can be found in bookstores around North America.

Why did I bring Preston onto the show?

Since coming forward as bisexual a few months back I wanted to get Preston’s take on self-love and how we can allow love to guide us through our darkest moments.

His tagline that “love will always find a way, everything else will find an excuse” is a powerful testament to the life you can create by using love as one of your guiding mechanisms.

One Mindset To Develop From This Podcast

Celebrate Your Emotions vs. Beating Yourself Up

Early in the podcast Preston was speaking a lot about love and abundance. I flipped the script on him and asked him, what happens when you’re not in a place of love and abundance? What happens when you feel pain, sadness and anger as we all do?

Preston says that when most people catch themselves “emotionally eating” whether that be depressed, angry, dwelling on a breakup, watching porn and feeling guilty, or whatever the case may be, we beat ourselves up for it.

Preston celebrates his emotions. All of them. Let me repeat that. Preston celebrates ALL of his emotions. As he put it…

“I celebrate it. Yesss, caught another one. Now what do I choose?” @ 13:31

You see because that’s the dirty little secret. When we catch ourselves dwelling on a negative emotion we need to embrace it, celebrate it. Not get upset at ourselves for it. Rather what are we going to choose next?

When we feel negative emotions, sitting in that swallow only makes the pit deeper.

Choosing to accept our emotions gives them permission to wash over us and creates a space for us to move forward.

Thus if there is one thing you take away from this podcast, it’s this…

Celebrate your negative feelings versus beating yourself up. When we celebrate our emotions we allow them to wash over us opposed to getting stuck and holding us up.

Seven Things You’ll Learn From This Podcast

  • How you’re co-creating everything and how to stop being a victim of your life @ 3:45
  • The importance of dialing your reticular activation system onto joy, abundance & good @ 8:30
  • Celebrating your emotions vs. punishing them @ 13:00
  • One bad ass Romeo & Juliet quote that explains the undying stream of goodness @ 22:30
  • “We’re all big kids” – Scheduling time to play @ 24:15
  • Our challenges with change and Preston’s point of view on it @ 32:15
  • How Preston knew his wife, Alexi Panos, was the one and the wild story behind how they met @ 38:00

Connect with Preston

Website – www.prestonsmiles.com
Instagram @prestonsmiles
Bridge Method – Preston’s and Alexi’s program that facilitates a deeper connection between the mind, body and soul

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