The Importance of Failure with Jonathan Becker – Founder of Thrive Digital

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  • December 13, 2015
Filip Sierpinski

That is the wrong way to approach starting a business. You don’t sit down with a bunch of like minded people and say ‘Hey, we’re going to quit our jobs and launch into something that we’ve never done before.’ You find a problem, or you fill a need, or you find a solution to something and that’s when things really work.

– Jonathan Becker

On this episode I have Jonathan Becker, founder and director of Thrive Digital. Thrive Digital plans, builds and optimizes online advertising campaigns on ad platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and mobile ad networks. Some of their clients are Lululemon, UBER, Whistler Blackcomb, Wilson and Steve Job’s wife.

Jonathan is 33 years old and has built four businesses already. In this episode he shares with us some of the lessons that have come from the businesses that have succeeded and the one that has failed.

We dive into the importance of failure in this podcast as this is something Jonathan loves to talk about and has done public speaking on this topic.

Avoiding failure can be one of the biggest barriers to building the business we imagine or executing on the life we want. Understanding that failure is something that we all as human beings will face is an important step in making strides towards creating safe and healthy environments where we can discuss our personal failures with one another.

We discuss different communities where failure is becoming a more common topic and is becoming socially embraced, almost to the extent of being encouraged.

We get into the necessity of failure and how it is essential to our growth as human beings. Jonathan shares his point of view on how we should reframe failure and challenges the commonly accepted status quo motto “Failure is not an option.”

In the podcast Jonathan mentions meeting Matt Cutts from Google at the TED Conference in Long Beach, California. Below is the wide grin photo Jonathan spoke about and how meeting the impossible is quite possible. Check out the podcast to hear more.

Jonathan Becker meeting Matt Cutts
Photo compliments of Jonathan’s LinkedIn profile.

You can reach out to Jonathan on Twitter @jzbecker or send him a message on LinkedIn. To learn more about Thrive Digital you can visit their website.

Businesses, books and movies mentioned in the podcast:

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