Tony Robbins On The Importance of Standards

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  • September 27, 2017
Tony Robbins

There are two important questions Tony Robbins says you have to ask yourself in order to maintain your standards.

What is the standard you hold yourself to?
What are the little rituals that uphold that standard?

These two questions are important because:

a) We need to know what our standard is before we can uphold. We have to IDENTIFY it.
b) Once we have identified it, we can BREAKDOWN the little rituals and habits that support to uphold our standard. Understanding these rituals and habits is what will allow us to reinforce our standards and ensure we’re practicing it on a day to day.

On Failure and Success With Our Standards

Neither is overnight. Failure and success are both compounded by numerous decisions made over time.

It’s important that we rid ourselves of the idea that success or failure happens in one moment. Our actions add up over time and the accumulation of these actions is what leads to failure or success.

“People are rewarded in public what they’ve practiced for years in private.”

– Tony Robbins

When we fail to uphold our standards it’s due to choices that we made.

Michael Jordan on Standards

Tony Robbins got to meet Michael Jordan at the peak of his career. When he met MJ he asked him “what separates you from the other players? Is it talent, hard work, vision? What makes you so much better than all the other players?

Michael said it’s standards. He simply has a higher standard for himself than other players. He expects and demands more of himself than the other players.

It’s that internal demand that has allowed to thrive and surpass his teammates.

Tony Robbins For Entering Peak State to Uphold Standards

Michael isn’t the only one who holds himself to a high standard. Tony does the exact same thing. When Tony started coaching at 17 he would put himself into a peak state to ensure he was able to deliver to his clients.

He would speak to himself and say “I now command my subconscious mind to direct me in helping as many people as possible. By giving me the strength and emotion and humor and brevity and whatever it takes to help these people change their lives right now.”

Tony still does this today. He will command himself to enter peak stage before he gets on any stage. He does this because that’s the standard he expects of himself. Because he wants to deliver the best possible version of himself.

And there is no reason you shouldn’t either. There is no reason you should go through your day to day without expecting to deliver the best version of yourself possible.

That is the standard to aim for.

The person who eats healthy, takes care of their body, makes choices that ultimately fulfil you and are in alignment with the highest version of yourself.

That is the aim.

And if you can’t maintain that standard. Well feel free to reach out. Because that’s what I’m here for. To hold you to the highest integrity of yourself.

With Gratitude and Love at You,